You have to do that first…

You have to do that first…

ChairInACornerToday was an example of the kind of day that makes you want to jump up and down while both screaming and pulling out your hair in frustration.  Today was the day that I attempted to legally become a Texan, or something like that.  I blame it all on the Post Office.

Did you know that you cannot forward a PO Box used for Business mail to a residence?  I did not know that until I tried when I got down here…fine, so I will get a PO Box here.  Well you cannot do that unless you show either your Texas ID with your Texas address or a copy of your lease.  Crap.

So a month later, now that I finally have my lease I figure its time to go and get a Texas Driver’s License.  *Side note…my NY License was set to expire right  before I left and after investigation I discovered that if I did not have a valid out of state license, I would have to take the DRIVING EXAM in Texas.  Ha!  like I’d let that happen…which meant I had to renew my NY license for 8 years and pay $80…yeah that thrilled me!

So anyway, I went to get my license today and finding the place was a misson in itself as there is not a DMV here…its all in separate buildings all over the city. The woman at the help desk of the ID office finally stopped flirting with the guy ahead of me, after glaring at me for standing in line and therefore having to let him walk away…although she did yell after him asking him where he worked so she could visit!  Anyway I told her why I was there and she said that in order to get a license, I would need a bunch of stuff.

Alright, I said I was ready for that, what did I need?  Valid out of state license…check!  Passport…check!  SS Card…check!  Birth Certificate (are you kidding me..all 4???)…but wait…check!  And I swear she smirked before asking for the last thing…Registration and Insurance for my car…check!  Oh no, not for NY…it has to be for Texas FIRST.

Are you KIDDING ME????  I got in the car, called Adam and burst into tears.  I went home and composed myself…researched every single thing I was trying to get, the order I needed to get them in and what I needed to get them.  So tomorrow when I go to the PO, I will have 4 types of ID and my signed lease.  Then I will proceed with all of this to the place where I can reister my car…and then call the insurance.  After all of that I am hoping that I have enough paperwork under my belt to obtain my license.

When all that is through I might just have enough energy left to start to tackle the paperwork for changing a business to a new state but I seem to need all of the first items to even begin with that…isn’t moving great?

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