Wow, I did all that?

I had one of those days yesterday where I stood on a lot of lines, sat in a few offices and drove endlessly in circles. After my divorce finally came though (yay!) I legally knocked the hyphen off the end of my name and set about to make sure the world knew it. I had to leave the county clerks office and return with papers three times, have a new license photo takes (its about time!) and then close bank accounts and reopen them in a new bank…which I am really excited about! I did get to dress in nice office clothes though, which I never get to do and once in a while enjoy.

I was then so fueled by my accomplishments that I had friends over for dinner, finally broke down 45 cardboard boxes that were in my garage from the flood last winter and put them on the curb, I updated all of my online accounts with new bank info, packaged bottle caps, ripped magazines up for my sketchbooks, talked to my mom and sister for awhile on the phone and basically was busy until after 2am. I feel so on top of things!

I needed a day like this, one where i feel very in control of things and like I made a positive change in my life, after the past week…which we’ll just chalk up to “we all have weeks like these”, I needed to feel good. The week is off to a running start…woo hoo!

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  1. Yes.. we do all have weeks like that, I am sure.

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