Would you wear a Manic Trout?

I have been thinking about branding recently…and as I design jewelry and not textiles, how on earth to incorporate my logo. Then I started thinking a bit more abstractly…the trout image can come to represent the brand without the words…and I could make a trout…hmmmm, I could use my anvil if I hammered it…time to prototype. He’s kinda cute…would you wear this though?

I really like this picture as it includes my favorite doodle thats currently on my desk and the chaos that comes in time of creative surges…but I’ll give you a close up too…

Please give me some thoughts on this?

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  1. can you work in his cute little smile? i love how he smiles in your logo!

  2. You know, I was thinking thats the missing bit…I will have to try, thanks Claudine!

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