Why good packing is worth its weight in gold…

Why good packing is worth its weight in gold…

About a month ago I caught up in a bit o’ blog post lust and ordered a simple little bowl from a store in England.  I think I paid under $10 for the bowl and sort of forgot about it except to think, hmmm, what ever happened to that bowl I ordered.  Well today, it arrived, yay!!  In this box…booo!

Bowl Packing
The peeps at the PO desk just laughhed and “well, I hope you insured it!”. The running joke seems to be that anything with Fragile on it will be beaten to death.  Lovely.  Oh, and yes, I declared that “it must be Italian”…I never miss a good movie quote.  Anyway, I brought my bowl home and crossed my fingers…

Bowl Packing 2
At this point I realized that there was hope after all…look at all the types of packing material!

Bowl Packing 3
Woo hoo!! It’s not broken!!!!  I may have done a bit of dancing here…well a pathetic bit, I’m sick after all…but it’s not broken!!

Bowl packing 4
It’s so pretty!  I’m kind of obsessed with little orphan bowls.  I tend to buy a new one every spring and eat everything I make out of it.  Oh happy day!  I will christen it with a celebratory bowl of cereal later for dinner…oh yeah.

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