Where are my pom poms???

I had the chance this week end to cheer my ass off and watch not one, but two races!  The first was Thea at her Cross Country meet at Canterbury where I was able to see her start the race, twice on the trail and cross the finish line…it felt likes Where’s Waldo trying to find her among a massive group of girls her exact same age and almost all with pony tails…and running!  I realized the key was to identify her by what she was wearing…edit out just the blue and white Millbrook shirts, then check for long red hair and voila!

This method was put to the test on Sunday however when I was a spectator at a Triathalon…not so easy with the swimming!

Swim Caps

I did see them start though, and miraculously was able to see his number…I also knew that once the wet suit was off I could watch for a red top…but much trickier then the day before!

I also had about four hours sleep in order to make it to the race to see the start, so it made the search that much harder.  By the time he crossed the finish line however, I had finished 20 oz of coffee and was able to not only find him, but actually cheer in support!

After a week end full of spectating, I was of course tired and hungry…so this morning after sleeping in a bit, I went to the diner (yay!) for eggs and cinnamon toast.  On my way there I turned the corner and BAM Fall had arrived!  Well sort of…its 70 degrees out but SO pretty!

Millbrook in the fall

I was hoping to get outside and frolic today, but the weather does not seem to be agreeing with me…ah, I guess I’ll have to keep working then..pshaw.

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