When only one is leaving on a jet plane…

When only one is leaving on a jet plane…

Hey there everyone, Adam here…
So this week Sierra and I are going to talk about the 5 worst and best things about being apart.  I travel a lot, so this is something we often have to deal with.

I’ll start with the worst:

  1. I don’t get to see her beautiful face when I go to bed or wake up
  2. I miss just sitting around and giggling with her
  3. We always eat dinner together and I love our dinners.  Dinner on the road is lonely and Sierra and I miss our great dinner dialogue
  4. We don’t get to make out which is Sierra and my favorite past time
  5. I love just watching Sierra, She’s not just entertaining, she’s graceful, and everything is calculated.  I love it, I love her.

Now the best things about being apart:

  1. This should be the most obvious one of all, I get to keep the room warm while I sleep. Sierra keeps the air on minus 100 degrees when we sleep at home.
  2. Everyone likes time to ones self, so that’s always nice.  Time to reflect and whatnot.
  3. I get to eat food that is terrible for me, Sierra and I eat food that is really good for us and I love it, but its fun to cheat.
  4. Sierra can’t yell at me about the way I’m driving her car.
  5. I really don’t have a five, the fact of the matter is, these are all fine but really there is no best part about being away from the one you love the most.

Hi all, Sierra here…
How could I not love someone who thinks like that??? It makes up for the countless nights that Adam is away and I can’t sleep next to him!

The worst things about being apart:

  1. When I’m overwhelmed, throwing myself on Adam and whining for a few minutes makes feel instantly better…it’s just not the same to throw yourself on the floor while whining on the phone.
  2. As I work at home alone, nights out together are a treasure to me…even if we only go to a taco truck, it feels like a special date, I pine for those nights when he’s away.
  3. The two of us cuddled on the couch with Faye while watching storage wars has become one of my favorite things to do, I miss it dearly when Adam travels.
  4. We don’t get to make out. Duh.
  5. Reaching my foot across the bed in the middle of the night to touch his leg, and its not there.

The best things about being apart:

  1. Our relationship began living 2000 miles apart for four months, it feels weirder to be around each too much then it does to spend part of our month apart.
  2. If Adam is home and I’m the phone, he will appear out of nowhere and suddenly have 400 things to ask me.
  3. I get to keep the apartment as cold as I want to at night.
  4. There is no UFC, Playstation or Football blaring from the TV.
  5. I can guilt free work in my studio until 3am and wake up at 11.  When he’s home, Adam wants me to hang out after 11pm (understandably!) some nights and wakes up much earlier than I do.  Even if he’s quite in the morning he likes to peek in constantly to see if I’m really still sleeping.

It’s funny, many of the girlfriends I have made since moving to Austin are self employed, childless and married to husbands who travel a lot.  It’s nice to know I’m not alone, and even nicer to chat with the girls about what we love and hate about all the alone time.  I’m sure that if I was not crazy busy with being a self employed designer it would sting more, but as it stands…I enjoy the time apart as much as the time together.  That being said, I’ll admit that we’re usually on the phone while he’s at the airport waiting to board and missing each other already.

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