When life gets hectic…I get baking

When life gets hectic…I get baking

There’s something exceptionally cathartic about baking when I’m stressed out.  You take a bunch of very boring in their own right ingredients (which I store in pretty jars so I’ll admit that its kind of exciting to get out the stuff to begin with) follow some instructions, mix them up in a bowl, stick them in the oven and POW! You have awesomeness and pretty instant and spectacular results.  I was having a low morning.  Adam is away again (I have hardly seen him this month), I’m stressed from the online holiday craziness, the shows I have coming up and all the usual December brouhaha.  I also have been working on some big plans for next year that I’ll talk about soon (but its exciting!) that are insanely stressful, no matter how joyous.  Add to that the extreme stress of traveling back east for Christmas and having to make sure I see everyone and everything that all of that entails and…well it makes for a bit overwhelmedness.  Yes, I know that’s not a word.

So this morning when I saw this post on Rock Star Diaries about Gingerbread Cupcakes, I ran for the kitchen within oh…5 seconds.  Fortunately, my Nana’s Gingersnaps are my specialty and a similar recipe, so I had everything needed on hand.  The recipe is quite yummy, although I made classic Buttercream frosting instead because anytime I make something else, I’m just sad its not that.  Admittedly I was really excited for an excuse to use my new silicone mini cupcake tray that I bought last winter at the end of baking season and never got around to using.







The only problem is that I now have all of these cupcakes…so far I have only had one two…but they are only two bite cupcakes so that could change rapidly…

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