When an image from a book keeps trying to appear…

or at least sometimes I really, really want it to.  Ever since I read The Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison in high school, I have desperately been wanting to see a room filled with 1,369 light bulbs.  I have thought about it rather often over the past two decades and am always looking for the perfect image to fit the bill.  I stumbled upon this photo tonight…

image from We Heart It

and immediatly thought of that book.  I was pretty much satisfied that this may quench the desire to locate the perfect imagry…until I went searching for the exact number of light bulbs that were in the room.  That’s when I discovered Jeff Wall, a photographer from Vancouver, BC.  Jeff managed to produce exactly what my brain has been wanting to rest upon…

image by Jeff Wall

I am mesmerized by the bulbs organic flow…like a giant honeycomb on the ceiling…or a living breathing layer of space.  It’s perfect, it’s beautiful and its pretty cool that I’m not the only one haunted by the need to see that amazing imagery brought to life.  Have you read the book…is this what you imagined?

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