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Well Sat the 27th at about 11 am I walked into my apartment wondering how on earth the shower was on….and why my carpet was wet…and why the floor had two inches of water on it…and upon further investigation why there was water pouring out of my kitchen ceiling….onto a stack of watercolor paintings. Well the pipes over my kitchen had burst and the water had nowhere to go but down and it flooded my entire apartment. My landlady resides in Florida in the winter and I of coarse did not have her number there. So by the time we communicated my house was filled with mold. It took almost a week to get the pipes fixed and the ball rolling on fixing the mess I was living in. Friday afternoon they ripped out the carpets, sprayed mold killer and brought in the industrial driers, and moved a large part of my belongings and furniture into the garage…the rest was all stacked about the place so the floors could be ripped up. Today they closed the kitchen ceiling as the whole thing had been torn down and left open to dry. It will be painted tomorrow and hopefully my new carpets will be installed by Friday. I was rather lucky that none of my stuff was damaged by the water, some of it just was wet, but I am not out of the clear yet as most of its in the garage and the rest will have to join it for the carpets to be put in.

Soooo, I have been unable to do much of anything. My studio is disassembled and I have to sleep at Tyler’s, and leave Faye there most of the time too. At first I thought it might be easier to just move, but then I realized that water has leaked in my homes all my adult life…maybe that’s why I am always painting dripping paintings….I am mirroring what keeps happening…hmmm.

Well its been quite a process and at least you now know where I have been and what I have been up too…so until next time…

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