What happened to Mon, Tues & Wed???

Its Thursday.  The week is almost over and I don’t think I got one thing done.  Well, sort of…instead of starting the process of basically rebuilding my car, I realized it may smarter to trade it in while its sort of worth something (its paid off) and buy a new (to me) car.  As I live pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, this meant spending 4 days glued to auto trader and dealer sites looking at cars and driving almost 2 hours each way both tues and wed to look at cars at dealers and test drive them.  It was exhausting and I was a bit overwhelmed.  I also had two hefty board meetings this week and have basically worn myself out.  Although I think I have a summer cold so that’s more the reason for the fatigue.  However, this morning I negotiated over the phone and have bought a car!!!  Not AT ALL what I thought I was going to do until January which is making me want to throw up at having a car payment again beginning next month, but it was that or have to shell out big bucks on a car I would be selling soon…so there you have it.  We are now back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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