What exactly is Wisdom Wednesday?

What exactly is Wisdom Wednesday?

You may have read about Wisdom Wednesday, my weekly email at the bottom of one of my posts. Or perhaps not. But either way…I wanted to share with you a peek at what goes on in these emails. Because they are filled with random things that I have caught my eye that week and that you would want to know about. Every week they start with a quote and then there is a list which includes a book, a podcast, an article, a life hack and something just for fun. I end with what I have released out into the world that week, usually a blog post and a podcast episode. It’s quick, informative and easy to sign up for.

Here is the October 31st version which has some of my favorite things:

October 31st, 2018
Let’s Get Inspired! 

  • For years I was one of those who happily bitched about Starbucks and all that I thought they stood for. Then one day I picked up a copy of Pour Your Heart Into It by Howard Schultz and quickly changed my tune. It’s an incredible company and inspired the conscious capital movement which has brought a great deal of positive change to the way many corporations are now run. If you enjoy biographies or stories of businesses this is a must read! (I’ll admit that I hated the follow-up book to this one, so you don’t need to go down the line)
  • This summer, Business Insider launched a podcast about the real stories behind major brands. At first, I was rolled my eyes and assumed it would be nothing new or special. But the episodes are much quirkier than I expected! They usually go into a super specific niche of a big brand. Like the question about Mattress stores being drug fronts, or that the LA Times declared there were gangs at Disney Land. I am always delighted and surprised by what ends up unfolding in each episode of Household Name!
  • Have you ever experienced “flow” while working? What does flow mean? How can you reach the state more often? Why is it important? These and many other questions can be answered in a great article by Ayodeji Awosika on Medium this week.
  • The other day, during an episode of Masters of Scale, Reid Hoffman tossed out a plug for the daily email, Morning Brew. It sounded like coffee and was about business and tech, I was intrigued and immediately signed up. It’s fantastic. I listen to the podcast Up First from NPR every morning for a quick overview of what is going on in the world, but it tends to lean heavily on politics these days. I used to read the daily email from The Week, but it also tends to now lean towards the political too much. Morning Brew has none of it. I love it.
  • I laughed so hard at this tiny little video. I even laugh thinking about it. If you want a good chuckle from 10 seconds of your time, go watch it.

And now for the part of the weekly list where I share what I have been working on…enjoy!

  • This past week on Polarity Podcast, Darren and I talked about hobbies. What exactly is a hobby? I wanted to know if the nerdy things I do count as hobbies, even though I’m not sure they should. We chat about if we have enough or too many and as usual, we agree on nothing.
  • How do you celebrate achieving long-term goals? Do you even do it? This week on the blog, I talked all about why we should and gave some examples of how to do it. You can read all about celebrating those wins here.Drop a line to sierra@mssierrabailey.com and let me know if you’ve loved any of the things I shared this week or what is inspiring you this week!

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