Austin, Texas

I swore about a month ago that I was not going to go on a trip this winter as the past two years I have gone places that were way too off season for my liking.  Luckily, both trips I was with great gals so I had a blast in Las Vegas with my sisters and friend Karen in March ’09 and Cancun, Mexico with my college roommates Sheryl, Zoe and Jess in January ’10.  I was planning on holding out until late Spring this year, but family love may have persuaded me otherwise.  It looks like I am headed to Austin, Texas to visit my sister Holly in mid January.  Not sure yet how many of us and who is going, but no matter what, I’m sure it will be a great time!

While starting to plan this trip, I started thinking about the places I have on my list…

Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, Georgia for the history, the gardens, the ghosts, the plantations and oh the trees…and its only a short flight away, making it easy to take a quick trip when I can fit it in.

Amalfi, Italy
Capri, Italy
Positano, Italy

I have wanted to visit Amalfi, Capri & Positano for years…I need more time for this trip then I have at this point in my life, so this one is on the shelf for now…but I will make it there one day!


I am currently working really hard to visit Greece this coming year…crossing my fingers that I can get there for a week somewhere in late April to Early June.  This destination has become a bit of an obsession over the past few months, so I’m pretty sure I’ll make it happen…somehow.

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  1. Love this post darling — I am in a constant state of wanderlust! I have been to all 3 of the Italy spots… and can’t wait to go back someday.

  2. Came across your site looking for pictures from Positano. To avoid you travel to the wrong place: the one you show here is actually not Positano but Manarola :-). I can highly recommend Manarola and the Cinque Terre!

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