ugh…too much candy…but big plans are being made

Yes, its Thursday and I had od’d on sugar…nerds and sour gummy worms to be exact…I have gummy tummy!!!!

I am working on some new color combos of the sweet little earrings that I posted about earlier this week, yay!

Also very exciting…I have ordered 14 new styles of lockets, ranging from normal in size to super big! Which means I will have a whole new selection of necklaces coming soon! Woo Hoo!

I have been working on some plans for a few big projects here at Manic Trout recently, I am excited, nervous, and a bit scared with these plans…and also not looking forward to some heavy duty computer time ahead of me. I am planning on doing an over hall of the website…the painting section will be condensed (and updated) and I am going to add two new major sections…I want to have the limited edition and one of a kind pieces to be highlighted a more…and I plan of focusing more design time on the one of a kind pieces as well.

I also am working on a paper catalogue, mainly to start targeting larger stores and markets…this will be learning process however, as it will be my first and as I create new pieces so often…it may be that I will start releasing collections seasonally…and adding on more frequent basis to the one of a kind and limited edition lines.

I am also looking into sales reps, if you are a sales rep and interested, please contact me.

I am of coarse also working on new designs tonight, we’ll see what comes of that…still on the red theme…and here’s a peek at one of the new necklaces from last week…ok back to working the sugar buzz!

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