Tricks up my sleeve…as usual…

Vogue China Apri l2010
Image from Vogue China Apri l2010

As per usual, I am going to temp you a bit by talking about a line of jewelry that I just started designing…I’m not even making them yet…THAT is how excited I am!!!

I will admit that it will be months before you see any of it…and before they appear, the Game Night line will debut as well as a few other goodies I have been keeping my mouth shut about (I cannot begin to describe how tough that has been for me!!!). But oh, what I have coming is a project I have been wanting to do for about, hmmm…5 years…and planning for about 2…crazy, I know!

I will give a few hints at what it is all about…very eco friendly/up cycling, big & bold is an understatement, mixing materials and techniques in a whole new realm…and they will look excellent with just a white shirt.

mmmk, enough teasing…I have to get ready for my date…

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