Top 5 Valentine’s Day Movies

Top 5 Valentine’s Day Movies


Ah yes, it’s February 14th.  I’m not one for Valentine’s Day in general, and this year being single, I am pretty happy that I have such a busy day ahead of me…the kind of day where I go, go, go every over planned out minute of it.  I am booked until about 9pm, but I’m figuring that if my usual monthly post board meeting pow wow with friends is canceled due to the date, then I will come home and snuggle up with Faye and enjoy a themed flick.   As I only allow myself candy a few times a year, and Valentines day is one of those very special occasions, I also plan on treating myself to a pile of themed candy as well…although admittedly, I have already started in on the conversation hearts.  Not sure what I’ll watch yet, but I narrowed my viewing choices down to my top 5…

  1. Sleepless in Seattle – Best Valentines Day movie, ever.
  2. An Affair to Remember – Responsible for Sleepless in Seattle.
  3. Valentine’s Day – I adored Jessica Biels character.
  4. Say Anything – Do I really need to explain.
  5. Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown – Before it all got so complicated.

What’s your favorite Valentine’s Day flick?

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  1. Say Anything is an amazing movie! And the addition of Charlie Brown to this list is wonderful. 🙂

    1. John Cusack and Charlie Brown never loose their appeal in my book 😉

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