Top 5 Things Right Now

Top 5 Things Right Now

There are always things that I am gushing about to everyone who will listen. Some may call it obsessing but I think it’s just nice to let everyone know about things that have impacted my life. Well besides telling everyone I see, I enjoy rounding them up here as a great way to further spread the word. It’s also nice to keep keep track of my current obsessions because it’s always amusing/interesting to look back on these and what stuck!

1. Bullet Journals. I first became intrigued this winter when I posted about planners and more than one person spoke up and said they were trying this method out. Then I was having breakfast with a few go getter girlfriends and one of them pulled out her version. I looked over at it and was all “what is that, what is happening” a la Karen from Will & Grace. With one glance, I was instantly brought back to the black sketchbooks I used in college to contain my schedule, to do lists and thoughts. I had been missing how they made me feel everything was in one place and at my fingertips. I went home and ordered a notebook immediately. I don’t follow all of the suggested guidelines, but that is part of the awesomeness of them, you’re not expected to! I am also currently using my own version of a bullet journal in tandem with a larger printable planner that lays open on my desk. The combination of these two has changed my life for the better and has been working really for me. Yay to finding what works!!

2. Index cards. I picked up a spiral pack at the grocery store one day for 50 cents and now have them stashed all over the place. For some reason I love having them around and use them for all sorts of things. Every time I use them, I think about how much adore them. It’s a weird obsession.

3. Jigsaw puzzles. Specifically 1000 piece ones, color saturated ones. I felt the need to buy one on the night of my 40th birthday and have done about one a week ever since. I keep them in progress on a corner of my kitchen island and if I have a few moments during the day, I puzzle. It started really when our dog was sick and dying, as a way to be with her in the kitchen and help occupy my worried mind. I wondered if it would stick after she passed, and it did, I love how I can zone out and focus on them. It’s also now how I unwind before bed (where I read to further wind down) with a true crime podcast. They are incredibly meditative to me.

4. Morning pages. I enjoy a good routine and my morning routine is sacred and sets my day. I’m going to share more about morning routines soon, but I never do anything without writing my pages and the things I am grateful for first thing, no matter what time I’m up, where I am or what I’m doing that day.

5. Vlogging. Adam and I started a vlog this past month on youtube and we love it! We basically just talk to each other for 12-20 minutes and have a great time. It’s something we can do together and we figure if no body watches we still enjoy it. If you do want to watch it, you can visit our channel here!

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