Top 5 Snacks that are sort of guilt free.

Top 5 Snacks that are sort of guilt free.


peanut butter pretzles

Are you a snacker? I find that eating every four hours works best for me so I usually eat three meals and a snack each day. I have never been much of a snack food eater, so I don’t stock the pantry ¬†with things like chips and crackers but that doesn’t mean I avoid all snacks. The above photo is of my ultimate weakness, peanut butter filled pretzels. These are the HEB brand and are available both in the chip aisle and in the bulk foods aisle. I prefer to buy them in the bulk aisle so I only buy a handful as I have no self control. They never last more than one day, no matter how big the bag! Regardless if they’re pretzels or a bit healthier, my favorite go snack foods are easy to grab and usually a combo of salty and sweet. I will often have my snack within half an hour of a run or workout so I like snacks that fuel me as much as possible. These are my go to top five, sometimes I add in new ones but I usually come back to these:

1. Apples and peanut butter (or almond or sun butter). My lifelong favorite snack and Fuji apples are my go to apples.

2. Hummus and raw veggies. I usually go with cut up cucumbers, carrots, peppers and grape tomatoes. Sometimes instead of the hummus, I’ll have a few olives.

3. Cold soup. A new addition to the list but I buy both in single servings and big bottles. There is a gazpacho that has a little oil in it and I feel fueled enough to run 3.5 miles after a cup of it.

4. Apricot rolls and almonds. Have you seen these rolled fruit thingies? I get them in the bulk food section and these are made from apricots, apples and a bit of coconut. A few of these and about 12 almonds is perfect.

5. Yogurt. I love yogurt even though it does not love me back. I finally found an organic lactose free one that I love though and now can eat it without getting sick…hooray!

What are your go to snacks?

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