Today I have a date with photoshop

Today I have a date with photoshop

the manic trout photo studio

An obvious part of launching a new line of jewelry is photographing each piece to put on the website, make line sheets and pitch to the press. I do all of my own product photography here in the studio, which I did Friday afternoon and evening. My product shots include photos of the jewelry flat on a white surface and on a mannequin. A couple of years ago I figured out my current way of  shooting in the studio for the white backdrop shots, but I’m always tweaking the mannequin shots. I currently am dragging it outside from 6-7 pm when the sun has become more diffused.

the manic trout model

Taking the photos is however only half the battle. I am by no means a fantastic photographer and have to compensate by spending a great deal of time in photoshop making it appear as though I am. That is my mission for today. Spinning photoshop madness. By no means should you envy my plans for the day. The up side is that once the edits are done, I am super close to being ready to launch the new line!!

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  1. Good luck with your photoshop day! As time consuming as it can be, it’s amazing what a little editing can do to a photo. Thank goodness for the digital age. 🙂

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