To market, to market…

To market, to market…

Hey everyone Adam here,
So this week we want to talk about the his and hers versions of the grocery shopping experience. First of all we only shop when necessary, there is no set day.  This obviously is in the favor of men.  I don’t like to plan for anything.  Sierra and I frequent the store just up the street from our apartment.  It’s a madhouse.  While the pandemonium and absurd volume of people at the store does bother Sierra, I actually enjoy it as I feed off lots of people and busy/happening situations…anyway I digress.  I don’t take a list, I don’t need to, I know what I’m getting and it’s always the same 5 items.  I start my shopping experience where every man should: at the deli.

I love the deli, the ladies let me sample all the meats and cheeses my heart desires.  I only buy 2 types of meat, Salami and Lemon Pepper Turkey.  I get a pound of Salami every week, and I usually do a half pound of the Lemon Pepper Turkey.  Every time one of the deli attendants slices my meats, I sample them; it never gets old because:
1. I enjoy them immensely
2. It’s like your winning at the store, you get a little something for free
3. You get to see how good or how fresh the deli meats are that week
I usually get some kind of Cheddar cheese or Colby jack, there is also an awesome Horseradish cheese I get once in awhile, and yes I sample all of those also.  I spend a good 15 minutes at the deli.  Sierra accomplishes filling half her list while I’m over there.

Then I need milk, fruit snacks (i.e. fruit by the foot, gushers, or fruit roll ups), green apples, and sometimes cereal (it’s not a weekly purchase, I don’t eat it that fast).  The rest of my grocery shopping experience involves me parking the cart in inappropriate spots that are usually in people’s way, riding the shopping cart, and sighing at Sierra cause it’s taking so long.  The sighs are completely on purpose just to get under Sierras skin a little bit, cause really I love our shopping excursions.

Checking out is like a game to me, you gotta scan all the open isles and decide which is going to be the most time efficient.  There is no way you can just walk up to the first lane you see.  I have nothing to do with unloading the cart because Sierra’s (super organizer set in her ways this is the order food gets put on the conveyer built) method is impossible to please, so I just let her do it. Pretty sure she enjoys it, also the store employees are not allowed to bag nor am I, Sierra also takes it upon herself to do this task.  I always end my shopping with one last ride on my shopping cart through the parking lot trying to steer the food loaded missile, which is impossible…and the grand finale is trying to roll my cart from 20 feet away into the cart traps.

Hey there, Sierra here…

Adam and I started grocery shopping together regularly about a month ago and we both for some odd reason have a great time doing so.  Although until I read his part, I had no idea what took him so long at the deli counter…and why he picks out so little food…I’m sure he’s full after all of the sampling!  It will come as no surprise that I am a list taker when it comes to shopping.  I have always kept a check off list on the fridge and I tick the items off as they run low.  This method means I rarely run out of any condiment or boxed food unless I wait longer then 10 days to shop.  We shop when we run out of produce, which to Adam’s delight means it’s an unscheduled affair.

After we get through the produce and Adam spends 20 minutes at the deli, he grabs more salami and cheese in the specialty foods section, and then we’re in the home stretch.  There are only a few items that I need from the center isles and Adam picked up on that early on in our shopping together.  The result of this is that as Adam “drives” around the store, he often runs past aisles without thinking that I may need to go down one.  This causes an adventure of sorts as I dart down an aisle to grab say, laundry detergent as I yell for Adam to hold up.  These are the moments when he sighs and parks the cart in the middle of the aisle entry way…or in front of someone…or facing the wrong way.  He fortunately is quite the charmer and I can hear him sweet talking old ladies whose carts he just ran into as I come back to find him.

Once we have piled all the items on the list and Adams treats for the week into the cart its time to check out.  I have no preference on lines, I just get on one that seems decent and I am ready to start unloading.  However, as Adam shared, he does not like to settle on just any line.  He runs back and forth checking length, head count and items in carts and will yell at me to “come quick to line 8, it looks so much better!!!  No…wait…line 12 is perfect!!!”  Now its my turn to sigh and wheel on over to the “best line” so we can check out.  I’ll admit right away that Adam’s right, I am completely obnoxious about my ocd method of not only putting things on the belt, but of bagging.  Which is all the better as Adam is so busy ready US Weekly and People that he has no idea what’s going on with the groceries anyway.  So I beg the bagging people to please just let me do it myself, as I’m an over-organized freak, I do my thing and we’re off.  The second we’re out the door Adam is off and running and sails across the parking lot on the back of the cart while I cross my fingers that he doesn’t hit my car and stroll along behind him…so far, we’ve been lucky!

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