The one about the modern day harem

The one about the modern day harem

I have this friend who I used to work with.  Let’s call him Mr. R.  Well Mr. R has a way with the ladies.  Such an impressive way, that I used to tell him he had a modern day Harem going on.   He has a laundry list of lovely ladies who will basically drop everything and run to him at his beck and call.  They know full well that they are part of a collection, as the first thing he tells them is that he does not want a girlfriend, sees many women and is not interested in any type of relationship.  These trysts are not mere booty calls though, Mr. R and his ladies go on dates, he cooks for them and takes them dancing.  I’m pretty sure he’s so good at this because he’s a genuinely nice guy, a total sweet heart really and he makes each woman feel special in her own right.  They just wait patiently until it’s their turn and then go away until the next call.

So what happens if one sees him out with another?  Well, this happens, but they are very well aware of each other…not specifically, but they each know there are others.  He told me that he has had to start keeping a calendar so he didn’t see one to often in a month, or schedule two for the same day.   I think its especially interesting that this calendar is posted in his room.  I asked him if any of the women saw it, he said “sure…they just ignored it, they know the deal.”

I have always been intrigued by Mr. R’s harem, as I find it amazing that so many women are completely ok knowing they were part of a group.  A few years ago, Mr. R did have a girlfriend and put the harem on hold.  The crazy part was that some of the women waited it out…the whole thing just picked up where it had left off when the relationship ended!

I recently read Some Girls: My Life in A Harem, which is the true story of an American woman who ended up in the harem of one of the Princes of Brunei.  It actually took place only a few years ago…a real modern day harem!  What was amazing was that there really were similarities between Mr. R and The Prince’s bevy of women.  Don’t get me wrong, the Prince had a room full of made up women waiting each night in the “party room” for his possible appearance.  They were ecstatic to be the chosen one of the night and vied for the honor to sit next to him, even if he left the party with another woman for an hour.   But the theme of women just happy to wait quietly until picked appeared in both situations.  I don’t really get it, being naturally aggressive, it’s not my style, but obviously there are plenty fine with this??

Now the women in Brunei were promised fistfuls of cash for their time there and lived in a palace.  The special few were lavished with gifts of jewels, designer clothes, bags and shoes and even more cash.  The grand prize was of course to be chosen to be the princess.  Ok, that’s maybe a nice dream for some, but what is crazy is that even though Mr. R is a nice guy…he’s not a prince, he’s not the son of a Sultan.

It makes it even more intriguing when you think of it that way…and makes me tip my hat to my dear friend, as it’s his birthday today and I’m sure that whole harem of his is hoping to be the chosen one for this special night…good luck ladies and Happy Birthday Mr. R!!

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