The one about the fake tree
Our tree out for a water in the yard.

The one about the fake tree

Last year when Adam and I moved into to this house together we had just gotten married a couple of weeks before. All of Adams “furniture” was vetoed and I had left a lot of replaceable furniture in NY, such as bookshelves and studio storage. So as we eloped, in lieu of a wedding, we bought furniture. ¬†Most things we bought were pretty major purchases, but a few things…like bookshelves in a variety of shapes and sizes were bought at ikea (ps…their higher end bookshelves are actually really nice!). While at ikea, I did what any sane person does, I loaded up on hangers, a new sheepskin for Faye, a doormat, the worlds largest mirror AND this fake tree.

Checking out with three carts of non essentials, including my "fake" tree.
Checking out with three carts of non essentials, including my “fake” tree.

Some backstory on that tree…the week before, we were at Home Depot looking at plants and Adam became smitten with this tree. The garden center guy asked about the light in the house and all that stuff and determined that it would not do well. So when a week later we saw what I assumed was a fake version at ikea for $19.99 we were excited to not only find the tree in a version I couldn’t kill, but it was so inexpensive! (up to this point I had NO IDEA that ikea sold live plants.)

Our tree out for a water in the yard.
Our tree out for a water in the yard this morning.

We gazed upon our lovely tree later that day and marveled on how authentic the browned tips were (yeah, I know). Fast forward 3 or 4 months…I’m on the phone with my sister Holly and exclaimed…”you know that fake tree I have by the kitchen table, it’s turning brown…wtf??? Ah yes, light dawns on marble heads. Well I watered the poor thing and it perked right up and actually grew wider. It now has to live an odd distance from the corner walls around it as it’s that much wider now. The good news is that Home Depot guy was wrong, the tree did great in our house…and by thinking it was fake, I did not over water it (that’s my m.o. with plants). The bad news is that I now have to find a spot for a good sized tree in our new house…and now that I know its real, should really repot it…especially as I already have it sitting in the the huge pot for which it will live. I ‘m scared to repot it though…there’s a good chance it will keep growing!!

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  1. Congrats on your great success with your Dracaena massanganea (Corn Plant)! I was a horticulturist specializing in Tropicals for many years in my former life… Anyway, These are low light plants that do not require much water or room to grow. I water my Dracenas about once every 6 to 8 weeks. Give it a good drink and leave it alone. It might be time for a little plant food but I would not reccomend repotting it. They can get quite large in small pots. It may go through some shock when adapting the new house so let it get through that before possibly shocking it again when repotting it.

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