The most amazing summer salad ever
water melon salad

The most amazing summer salad ever

water melon salad

I tend to latch onto food that I really like and eat it over and over again until I can’t the sight if it. Some of these  meals happen for only a brief time and never return, some are in constant rotation for basically my entire life (apples and peanut butter before bed, I’m looking at you) and some are seasonal. My very favorite seasonal meal is this watermelon salad. Its basically like eating candy and cheese. But much more amazing then that sounds. It’s thirst quenching, filling and so very easy to whip together. Although I should warn you that it ‘s highly addictive…but its basically fruit and tiny bit of dairy, so go at it. I eat is basically every day right now and may have eaten it twice one day last week. Consider your self warned.


  • 1/2 personal watermelon (or whatever they call the little ball melons at your store). If I get the tiny melons from the Farmers Market, I use two as I loose so much of it trying to get the seeds out.
  • 2-3 sprigs of fresh mint leaves ripped up into little pieces
  • tbsp or so of goat cheese or feta cheese
  • tsp extra virgin olive oil
  • healthy pinch of coarse sea salt


The measurements on this are mere guidelines, its the one dish where I never measure anything, but I figured if I wrote everything as “to taste” like my nana always did,  you would get mad at me like I would at her as how the heck do you know what that means???

Cut the melon off the rind and into cubes, de-seed if necessary. Toss together with the rest of the ingredients and like magic, you have the most incredible meal ever.

This amount feeds me as a meal in itself or 2-3 if on the side of something like a sandwhich. No judgement if you feel your melon is small enough to double the recipe and eat the whole thing at once…I’ve totally done it.

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  1. hooray for a watermelon salad that doesn’t have balsamic. (I have no love for vinegar, blech.) I’m eating that for lunch tomorrow! yum!

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