The influence Chopped is having on how I cook

The influence Chopped is having on how I cook

The usual salad that I would make for dinner
An example of a salad that I would make for dinner

I have always been a “throw everything that looks good into a bowl” kinda gal (see the salad above for proof), but since I began watching Chopped, I’ve taken it to a new level. Actually, I believe half the blame can be put on not having a microwave. But it’s more fun to say it’s all because of Chopped. Now before it goes in the bowl, everything goes in one big pan. The only way I even know that I’ve taken it to a new level is the look that Adam has been giving me when I make and eat things. I think they are fabulous, but then again, I eat salads like the one above regularly. I like the everything but the kitchen sink approach to salads…and apparently all my other meals as well. I think I would have throughly enjoyed the casserole era. Unless there was warm, soggy bread involved…like stuffing, yuck. If I could plan more then 10 minutes ahead with cooking, I would utilize my slow cooker more…but alas, I can’t seem to think far enough into the future about what to eat to do that.

rotini surprise

My most recent creation was the perfect example of my new found ability to see beyond what foods normally play well together…and it was delicious! While the whole wheat rotini was boiling, I heated evoo in a pan and sprinkled in some salt and garlic powder (I know, ick, but I was too lazy to cut up actual garlic).  I added rinsed garbanzo beans and rolled them all around in the oil/garlic goodness. Then I emptied a can of white albacore tuna in water (not drained) and stirred the mess around. Once the pasta was drained, I threw some into the pan, added a large handful of baby spinach and tossed in the pan until the spinach was wilted. Once all on the plate, I added crumbled feta and hot sauce. Voila!

I do believe Adam actually gagged at this one and opted to instead enjoy a salami sandwich, but more due to the tuna aspect than any thing else. I throw tuna in all sorts of things though, so I just ignored him and smiled that it made so I would have leftovers too.


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