The Great Mattress Escapade

The Great Mattress Escapade

The Mattress switch was a success! After days of reading lots of reviews (such as leesa vs casper), we finally found the perfect mattress for us! My sisters Gillian, Thea and our friend Louise managed to easily get Mattress One one out of my apartment and into the back of my moms Suburban while still fitting all of us in there along with it.  The fun part was having to carry the mattress most of a block to Gilly’s apartment due to construction.  We did pretty well getting Mattress One out of the car and into the apartment, except when we dropped a corner of Mattress One in the building and Gillian (a complete germ-a-phobe) shrieked that she “has to sleep on that” and then two minutes later asked if we could just slide Mattress Two…aka what I would be sleeping on, down the stairs of the building.  Ew, thanks Gilly.  Louise and I carried it down the stairs in a sanitary fashion and we managed to get it down the street almost flawlessly.

I discovered last night that while Thea was waiting in the suburban as we were illegally parked, she decided to chronicle the move with a camera, and last night 30 photos of mattresses being walked down the street appeared on facebook.  The good news is that she captured the following…

I’m standing on one leg trying to lift the mattress with the other!
We’re getting it…notice that Louise (far right) is bent over laughing so hard that she can’t help
How close was that???
Oh, haha…we’re awesome…
Oops, spoke too soon!
We got it…see…we are awesome!

I’d like to think that our almost dropping Mattress Two on a new york city street (twice) was due to our having so much fun and laughing so hard that we couldn’t keep it together.  Either way, we did get it in the suburban safely and after finding a real parking spot grabbed a couple of Shake Shack burgers before Louise and I left to drive back home…or rather sit in traffic for ever.

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  1. Classic!!!

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