The evolution: utilizing skills

Whew, I had a quite a week getting the Summer Line up and out, so last week I paused a bit with my evolution blogging…much apologies, but have you seen the new stuff??? Totally worth it!!

Yesterday the Manic Trout girls had such a productive day that it made me realize that I had gotten it right today and made sure we all had tasks that we were not only each good at, but were things that we each really like to do.

I realized how important it is to not only delegate, but to utilize the skills we each have, which thank goodness are all very different.  At this point the tasks are divided as follows:

Sierra does all design and computer work, including social media, photo editing, graphic design, correspondence, marketing, web page design and jewelry design.  Yesterday I spent my time emailing, and editing/posting/blogging the most recent edition of Out & About.

Renee likes tasks with lots of change…she takes all of the product photos, is in charge of the inventory, drills all materials requiring holes and is my right hand man.  Yesterday she learned how to go through the inventory and see what we needed made, then gather all of the materials in bowls (we like to use bowls here in the studio for everything!) so they were ready to be made.

Jacqueline prefers the quiet jobs that require focus.  She excels at labeling, packaging, and jewelry making, specifically creating loops on beads in order to connect them to one another.

I was so excited yesterday as we have just launched the summer line, and the next collection was actually created a few months ago and it is all ready to launch, that now we are free to focus on the fall and (gasp!) the holidays!!  Having put Renee in charge of one of the tasks I had on my over flowing plate has made one more piece of the puzzle of growth complete.  Its amazing how one tiny change can free so much of my time, make us work better as a team and give one person a job they love to do…I LOVE it when that happens.

Today I realized that its coming on the one year anniversary of Jacqueline coming to work at Manic Trout and this September will be Renee’s one year as well.  I have no idea how I would have gotten through the past 9 months with out these girls and look forward to a new year of amazing things to come with them!!

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