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You may or may not have noticed, but Manic Trout has been having a bit of an identity crisis.  It all started in January…I started to feel that my designs and the brand of MT were not meshing well.  I then spiraled into a deep pool of uncertainty of my target audience, design sense and future.  It was pretty sad (as in pathetic).  I realized that I needed both some serious help and a great deal of brand introspection.

After watching Coco before Chanel last night I realized that to me the coolest part of a designers life is the evolution as their journey becoming designers.  Besides being blown away by the imagery, use of life as inspiration and staying true to ones style (!), I was particular moved by the motivation to go from designing straw hats to a much larger picture, despite tremendous obstacles.

I began this blog to show you the behind the scenes of my own life and that by not sharing the identity crisis, I was keeping from you the juiciest stuff…so I will quickly catch you up and from now on keep you in the loop…pinky swear…so away we go…

A brief history

  • 2003 Manic Trout is born…a medley of arts and services are offered from Jewelry Design to Paintings to Web Site Design with many other random things thrown in the mix…with the tag line: Fine Art & Beautiful Things
  • 2006 The online store was created and offerings now focused on Jewelry & Paintings
  • 2007 Publicist hired from NYC…attention & press start to grow…focusing greatly on teens and the indie world
  • 2008 Tag line changes to “Treat Yourself to A Little Pretty” and jewelry starts to interest an older demographic
  • 2009 Gossip Girl and some major mags prove Manic Trout is capable of growth, a more cohesive look begins to shine through designs begin to get more sophisticated.  Two assistants are hired for the studio allowing Sierra to spend more time designing jewelry and the website…which gets a MAJOR overhaul in August with advanced shopping cart features implemented.  At this time the blog also receives its own domain name.
  • 2010 Designs evolve, and Manic Trout starts to grow up creating a new style a bit beyond the current image.  Out & About is born, allowing the jewelry to be seen on people in a variety of places.  Which brings us up to date…as of June 1st, a local PR & marketing team have been added to the Manic Trout team and the re-branding begins…

From this point on I will be sharing what is happening weekly.  I have been frustrated at the lack of discussion about designers evolving their brands, and I feel it is an incredibly interesting part of the process.  I am by no means offering advice, but rather sharing what I am doing to re-brand and move in the new direction…its all so very exciting and I hope you enjoy reading about it!!!

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