The amazing difference curtains can make
How could you not love these?

The amazing difference curtains can make

plantation bedroom before
The ugly blinds in all their glory

Having moved 3 times in under 3 years, after the initial set up in this house, I pretty much gave up on the details. There’s a part of the garage that I sigh over every time I park my car, but I just burned out of settling in to just pack it all up again. This unfortunately has also been the case with curtains. The studio already had brackets up, so I just stuck a pair on their when I unpacked, but they didn’t even match, oops. I think the issue was that there were blinds everywhere, so we had privacy if we needed it, it’s just really ugly privacy.

However, the vertical blinds over the patio sliding doors in the bedroom started to fall apart. Every time we walked near them, one would fall out. Soon I had curtains draped over the top, just to keep the neighbors outdoor light from shining in like a beacon at night. Sunday was the final straw, one of the slats dropped from mid door and it went from horrible looking to unacceptable. So I finally grabbed my drill, a couple of curtain rods and my favorite drapes and got to work.

How could you not love these?
How could you not love these? So pretty!

One of the reasons I had been putting this task off is that I have these drapes that I used and LOVE, they are thick, lined and so pretty. However, I was not sure if one set would work on the door. More importantly, I had bought them for my pre Adam bedroom, which is now in the guest bedroom and very white, fluffy, colorful and feminine. When we got married, we bought a bed that is much larger and much darker that I ever thought I would own, but Adam loved it. So I picked furniture and fixtures to go along with its size and color and all of a sudden we have a super dark, masculine bedroom, well except the bedding…I always have white and fluffy there.

In our last bedroom, I used the curtains from my previous living room in our, white sheers with dots as it was a dark room and the delicateness of the curtains helped it not feel like a cave. I knew these sheers looked great with our dark bedroom furniture, but there is so much light in this room in the morning that I really didn’t want to use them as we are night owls. If we knew we would be here for many years, I would have looked into buying more, but as it’s a rental and I have so many curtains already, I really wanted to make due.

plantation bedroom after

As Sunday was the breaking point, I decided to just put up the heavy drapes that I loved and hope they worked. Well, they work perfectly with the light but are a bit of a stretch on the matching. So, so much better than the blinds though that I don’t care. Did you notice that we have the worlds largest bedroom? Our bed is a king and the frame extends out around it…and it looks tiny in there! The big empty spot is where I do my work out videos, which makes sense in practice, but looks pretty odd having such a vast expanse of nothing. Oh and the carpet. Ugh. I detest it. It however is in great condition, is thick and fluffy and Faye and Adam are all about it. Faye gallops around the house enjoying essentially a dog bed everywhere. If we end up buying this house, which we’d like to…the carpet will be a big debate. For now though, I just have to deal with it. At least I can avert my attention to pretty drapes now!

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