Spring planting project progress

Spring planting project progress

Our beautiful porch
Our porch in progress

When we moved into our house in the middle of last July, one of our favorite parts was the yard and the side deck, complete with built in benches and pergola. There also was already a growing herb garden and a little rock filled area for our grill.  By late July, summer has been in full effect for months here in Austin, and all of the garden and patio things have left the stores, but I made a promise to myself that in the spring, I would be ready.

Porch shot 2
Shot from the other side
The ottomans ended up being the perfect fit!
The ottomans ended up being the perfect fit!

It has taken me a few years to get used to such an early schedule for gardening here compared to the North East. For 34 years, I mentally had Memorial Day as the kick off for outdoor living, now it’s the the first day of spring at the latest. This year we did somehow manage to hit the stores just in time though as we started shopping for the project on March 21st and by the next weekend, all of the herbs were sold out!

This is how I have been looking these past fe weekends
This is how I have been looking these past few weekends
Close up of the succulent container garden

Here is what we have done so far:

  • Raked and cleaned out the garden, laid down new soil and planted the herbs and veggies.
  • Raked and weeded the rocks and laid down 2 new bags of them.
  • Swept and washed the porch and benches.
  • Bought trees, plants, soil and pots…including 2 new small pots which perfectly match match Mexican pottery collection.
  • Planted 2 hanging planters and hung them from the porch.
  • Planted a tangerine tree for by the front door.
  • Planted a hibiscus tree, large palm and mint for the porch.
  • Bought tomatoes to grow in a pot on the porch as something ate them all in the garden last year.
  • Planted oodles of succulents for out little potted graden.
  • Brought citronella candles out of storage.
  • Bought 2 ottomans to use with the built in benches.
  • Bought pillows, brought them home, hated them and exchanged them for brighter ones.
  • Hung a bird feeder from a tree for Adam.
  • Sprayed ants and wasps who think they own the place.
  • Fertilized both yards with fun wheelie spreader.
  • Rake and clean up front and back lawns.
  • While we were in the plant shopping mood, finally bought 2 huge plants and pretty planters for inside on the fireplace.
The grill area…in need of more rocks
The garden...can't wait until it all starts flourishing!
The garden…can’t wait until it all starts flourishing!

Still to do:

  • Hang the hammock on the porch
  • Buy some solar powered lanterns
  • Buy a tray or 2 for the ottomans
  • May be more palm type trees?
  • Renew rocks around plants in front of house and add more rocks to grill area.
The tangerine tree by the front door

Im sure there are plenty of other things we’ll think up each time we sit outside, but it has been lovely enjoying coffee in the mornings out there while Faye frolics around the yard. We even already have had a few friends out there, success! Hopefully this week we knock off at least the things we have left on the list. Yay for spring!



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  1. Sierra, the set of stars hanging beside the garage door, at least I think they are, did your Dad make them I have have some also! Your backyard looks great, love you

    1. Yes he did! Happy we share the star love at our houses!! xxoo

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