Social Media Networking and a few cool things…

I have been a social media networking fool this past week end…it all started with teh snow storm on Friday when I had a few extra hours in my schedule due to weather related cancellations.  I got REALLY into twitter…I can see how if used a bit smarter it can be not only a pretty cool tool, but also pretty fun!  I then started to explore LinkedIn some more…not 100% into yet, but getting there!

If you have not laready and would like too…check out the Manic Trout Fan Page, Manic Trout Group and Sierra Bailey on FaceBook, Twitter and Linked In!

I also wanted to give a bit of BlogRoll Love today and tell you that I found the most incredible blog ever, I was so excited that I had problems focusing to read…its that good!  If you have a creative business, you MUST go and check out Crafting an MBA…hey, why are you still here?

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