She says tomato…he says salami

She says tomato…he says salami

Hey everyone Adam here,

I wanted to talk about the different approach Sierra and I have for eating meals around the house.  I can eat a salami sandwich whenever is necessary.  It’s a bit disturbing how much I like salami sandwiches.  I suppose I should start with how I make a salami sandwich. Obvious first ingredient is salami.  It must always be prepared on sourdough bread, mild cheddar cheese, lettuce, mayo and mustard. I accompany my sandwich with a tall glass of whole milk and sometimes a mini dill pickle on the side.  So often Sierra and I fend for ourselves when we eat at home, if it is breakfast time I eat a salami sandwich.  If it is lunchtime I eat a salami sandwich.  If it is dinner time I eat a salami sandwich.  This is not new to me, I’ve been doing this ever since my mother introduced to me to the magnificence that is the salami sandwich. I love them!! Genoa, Hard and whatever other salami you can throw at me, I don’t discriminate! There happens to be 3lbs. of salami I the fridge at this very moment.  You wanna the best part, I just ate a salami sandwich while writing this blog.  Ohhhh how I adore you my salami sandwich friend, you make everything better!!

Hi all, Sierra here,

That Adam set out to write about eating at home and ended up writing an ode to salami speaks volumes. There is so much food in our fridge right now that you almost can’t shut the door. Yesterday we went to the farmers market and the grocery store together to stock up for the week, coming home with mainly produce (for me) and salami (for Adam). For the most part, I live on produce as I can cut it up and eat at my desk all in under 10 minutes. Usually I just laugh when I notice the amount of salami we have gone through in a week…after all, Adam thinks its crazy that I go through a pound of spinach in the same amount of time. However, I noticed one day that Adam had three meals in a row at home he had eaten a salami sandwich for each and every one. I absolutely agree with repeating meals from one day to the next, but he should at least aim to eat something different 3 times a day! Last week I let the cat out of the bag. I cooked healthy and delicious meals multiple times in the week. Until this point I would cook in secret, such as when Adam would not be home for dinner, as I was advised that once you let on to your husband that you can cook, dinners out will be relegated to special occasions. Lately though I have been fed up with the frequency of meals out so I caved. Last week I cooked dinners that made Adam forget there was even salami in the fridge. I figure I if I give in and cook a couple of times a week, I’ll at least I’ll get enough veggies in him so he won’t contract scurvy (is that still possible?) and he’ll still get to eat a pound of salami a week…it’s all about compromise after all isn’t it?

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