Serious chair lust

Serious chair lust


Let me preface the next sentence by saying that these chairs would look absurd among my current furnishings…well basically with everything I own…and that I could not possibly afford even one of them.  So here it is: If I suddenly come into some major wealth, I plan on throwing out everything I own and replacing all of my possessions with items that will match my brand new collection of chairs (because I want them ALL).  Oh, and the black walls I dream of will suddenly make sense.


I saw these phenomenal Maximo Riera chairs a few months ago and was instantly smitten.  Everyone and their mother agreed with me so they made the rounds of blogs.  I am still however smitten and as I am moving AGAIN (Adam are are moving in together in March, gasp, I know!) in four months, I have been dreaming about furnishings and interior spaces…and these chairs keep popping into my mind.  I dream big, what can I say.

WalrusChairps…I think Faye would look fabulous on any one of these.

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