September already???

Bazaar Turkey March 2010
Image from Bazaar Turkey March 2010

Eeeek, there is so much to do!!  Summer is my sloooooooow time of year.  Every fall I used to tell myself that I should have prepared for the busy season more during the summer. However, I realized last year that there is no way to judge fall orders ahead of time or to deal with the massive amounts of business correspondence that happens from labor day until Christmas. Advertising, gift guides, customer inquires, wholesale and retail orders, etc cannot really be prepared for ahead of time if no one else is going to be working on them yet.  I set out this summer knowing and planning that I would have time on my hands.

This was awesome for a few reasons:

  1. I was able to guilt free lounge around and relax when I wanted to.
  2. I spent oodles of time with family and friends, so when they get upset with me in the fall and winter for being so busy, I can point out that they saw me all the time this summer.
  3. I did the bulk of my re branding with Manic Trout.  I hired a PR/Marketing team to work with me daily for three months to help accomplish this.  Time I would not have to do so any other time of year. Time VERY well spent.
  4. I redid the website…again…as I do every summer.

Now it is fall, I am relaxed (I also have started doing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga twice a week!) and raring to go…the only problem is I’m all wimpy and out of work shape. My shoulders, hands and head are aching from hours at my jewelry desk this week…wahhhhh.

Besides throwing myself a pity party, I have been getting ready for a last minute show! This Saturday, I will be part of a pop up store in Millbrook for Community Day…if you’re local, stop on by…I will be in the corner (ex gallery) space across from the bank!

I love the fall, and I LOVE being busy…I am Happy, Happy, Happy right now! Ok…now back to work…I have to whip myself into shape!!

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