Projects are contagious

Projects are contagious

Fall Necklace Peek

6 weeks ago I was talking about a handful of upcoming projects in the works and was amazed at how I all of a sudden had all of these big things ahead of me.  Well, most of them have come and gone and in their place it seems that new ones have appeared and they are even bigger than the last.  Perhaps its that when you are able to handle a great deal of work, you accept more…or meet more people or have great confidence and therefore draw busy to you??? I’m unsure of what it is exactly, but I’m so incredibly happy to have been able to take the leap to working full time on Manic Trout because I never would have been able to take on what is in the works if I still had a day job.

I always have been a fan of taking risks in business and have taken many (some ended well, some not so much) that would scare the pants off of most people.   I have told more than one person that I may not have any desire to jump out of airplane or bungee jump or do things that will risk my life or physical well being, but I LOVE taking business risks.   The best risks I’ve taken have been ones that friends and family have tried to talk me out of…which made the fact that they turned out great even better.  Even more than enjoying taking risks, I enjoy being right!

The good and bad part about being self employed is that 1. I have time to try new things  2. I am fighting for my survival in a way that I was not in a day job…as in there is a chance that if things go badly I may not be able to pay my bills and eat next month.  This means that when I’m in the middle of a big project, I am already planning for the next and so on and so on.  It’s an exciting time here at Manic Trout, having been fully self employed for 11 months, I am finally seeing the insane hours I work in the studio paying off.  I can’t wait to share all of the exciting news as it happens over the next few months!  Next up is the new line which will be out in a couple of weeks…take a peek at three of the necklaces above.

To borrow from Almost Famous…”It’s all happening!!”

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