Post design thoughts on designing a collection

Post design thoughts on designing a collection

I have been thinking a lot about what keeping a sketchbook means to me these days, be it actually in books or the blog version you’re reading right now. I record what inspires me, ideas for jewelry and plans for many aspects of the business, but I am not great about reflecting on what I have designs once it’s done. Does anyone though? That’s a serious question. I have been finding myself asking why I wanted to create something after I did it. What compels me to sit down and spend 4 hours making a one of kind necklace from buttons? How did I get there?

Yesterday I grabbed my phone and shot a quick video talking about just that. I enjoyed documenting my thoughts on these necklaces…so often the feelings and thoughts behind designs get lost when they are shown and described online. Being able to put a voice to that story is a unique aspect of what can be shown on the blog version of my sketchbook and I hope to do more of it the future.

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