Please help me brainstorm to make your shopping experience better…

I am going to be redoing the shopping cart system of Manic Trout in August…why have I selected August you ask? Well…to be truthful its going to be a HUGE job that I have already began prepping for and as August is the slowest month of online shopping AND I have 2 weeks paid vay cay from the day job that month, that seals the deal…yes I am planning to work extra hard durning my vacation…ah yes, the life of a workaholic…

So I need your help by you letting me know what you want when you shop at Manic Trout. I do have many fantastic and logical ideas already lined up and my favorite author on the science of shopping…Paco Underhill, has updated his fabulous book for the internet and the new addition will arrive soon, yay! (I just admitted to such a level of dorkness…I realize that)…but I want to know what you…my wonderful and loyal customers want so I can make those wants come true.

So what would tickle your fancy…recommended items to match what you put in your shopping bag? More categories such as “Critters” or “Vintage”? The ability to search?

Please bring it on…your advice and thoughts will make your Manic Trout Experience the best that it can be!

Thank You!

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