Open See and Look What I Found!

Today was the Open See, I drove to nyc yesterday after about 5 hours sleep getting everything I needed to do done before I left. I had a wonderful night with my sister Gillian and her friends and then awoke this morning at 5am…that would make about 4 hours sleep…and was on line by 6am with my very amazing sister by my side. I was located directly under the Harry Winston sign and stayed there until 9am. The line went very quickly at that moment and by 9:45 I had gone in and showed my jewelry and was on my way back uptown. I pretty much feel that today was a complete waste of my time. I reflected on this as I drove home like a zombie this morning, and then after I awoke from my vegetative state of napping all afternoon.

The two buyers that I showed to liked my jewelry and said they were very interested in my rings in particular, but that they already had some similar stuff in the store. They asked a few questions…did I have wholesale accounts, how much did I sell on my own web site, and what were the most popular items that I sold? That was it, no real feedback that I could use, and nothing to really take with me. Well, at least I have done it…one more thing I can say I have accomplished.

OK, so that is enough energy that I have spent on this one store, its been a long and stressful month freaking out about something that would never really have done much anyway, and now I just feel a bit silly about it all. Even if they loved my stuff, the most I would have received was a trunk show in the store…not something that would make or break me.

Well tonight I went to the grocery store and blockbuster…while hungry…you should see all the food I bought, I can tell spring is here…veggies and healthy food seemed to gravitate to my cart. At blockbuster I bought two movies I have been dying to see…Margot at The Wedding and Martian Child. I am watching the latter right now, so no opinion yet….but I liked Margot at The Wedding..especially the last scene. Nicole Kidman removes her cardigan and the rest of the letters of her shirt come into view…it looks vaguely familiar and as I watch more and more of the shirt, it dawns on me…its a Millbrook School, Trevor Zoo shirt!

I was checking out some stuff on Noah Baumbach, the director and writer of Margot at the Wedding and in an interview he actually mentions the shirt! Sub note…Baumbach also wrote The Squid and Teh Whale and Steve Zizou, two awesome movies hat I adore.

Is that your Midwood T-shirt Nicole Kidman wears in the final scene? I don’t think it’s Midwood; it’s Millbrook. It’s something Ann Roth, the costume designer, brought in. I actually had a different T-shirt in mind when I scripted it but we couldn’t find one that worked and Ann had this old Millbrook T-shirt which, when Nicole put it on, just felt like something she had her whole life.

OK, I am obsessed with this all of a sudden…but Ann Roth was the costume designer for Regarding Henry which was filmed at the Millbrook School the year before I was a freshman there…ah the connection is made, I feel better now.

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