Oh The Places I’ve Been…Newport, RI

In the land of Manic Trout, I have very little time to travel…so my vacation this summer lasted all of 14 hours…not including driving time…and I had to make the most of it. Yesterday I headed off to Newport and here I sit the next evening, already home with tales to share…well photos any way…there wasn’t much time for tales.

This morning I was giving a magnificent tour and as it was 8 am…yes AM…for those that know me well you know I have not been awake at that hour in a long, long time…anyway I also did not have coffee or food me, so I was a quiet observer who almost forgot to take photos…

The one thing that I HAD TO SEE was this house which I read about in the NYTimes recently…it was rather hazy this morning, so you cannot see it that well, but this is just proof I was there…you can read about and see amazing photos here.

I was very into the pink flowers this morning

My obsession with paths through nature continue…there were a few, but this was my favorite

I was loving the gates…this one rocked my world

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