Oh for the love of procrastination!

Well, I have been refreshed to why I never put my potentially lucrative degree to work, for the past three days I have been at my computer catching up an a great deal of work, mainly in Photoshop and pretty much working as fast as I can without messing up. In turn my shoulders feel so tight that I am sure if I make any sudden movements I will end up unable to my head for a week. This happens when I am under deadlines at the computer too, which rules out doing cgr, bummer because I really loved doing it anyway…(was my sarcasm detectable there?) I still have a whole lot to do as well, even more if I decide to implement the new shopping cart program I have been thinking of doing, I will need to get it done this summer, but I think I’ll wait a few weeks. So anyway, I still need to update the site, new items to go up, sold items to remove and some changes have to made to the site in general. So my shoulders will suffer.

The funny part is that, as always, when faced with a task I hate doing…paper work, finances, marketing, PR…when I finally sit down to do them I get such an urge to create things it’s astounding! I let myself make one idea I had yesterday, but that’s it! I can tell it’s bad when I have incredible urges to make tissue paper pom poms instead of sitting at my desk. Its like when I was in Architecture school all over again, after that first year…the only year I lasted because on day one the faculty explained that we were not allowed to be creative until the fifth year…well I basically began a strong distain for architecture right there and thankfully transferred to art school the next year…well after all of that suppressed creativity I did some incredibly involved projects…especially for my 3D class…I was thinking of the things I made in that class the other day, it basically was like playtime for me, I made some outrageous stuff!

So anyway, I am using this bog as a way to procrastinate at the moment, and I answered all of my emails form this morning already…hmmm maybe Faye wants to go out….no I have to stay at my desk…I have never been so glad that I have to go to the restaurant in the year that I have been there…and its Friday, so I go in at 3…Yay! Only one more hour at the computer…

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