Oh August, you get to me every year
Scarves being pinned

Oh August, you get to me every year

Vintage scarves being pinned at Manic Trout
Strips of vintage scarves being pinned

The end of August is always a weird time at Manic Trout. The Holiday Collection has to be done so far ahead of time for press, that its the only month in the year when I’m not actively designing. It seems that the majority of people are either on a last of the summer getaway or in the back to school mood so it still feels slow online. However, press and advertising are getting set for November and December and there is a weird energy in the air from retailers and designers that makes it so you can almost feel them gearing up for their big season. There’s a weird split between those who are clinging to the last bit of summer and those (including myself) who are chomping at the bit for the fall and holiday seasons to begin.

Vintage Scarves at Manic Trout
Machine sewn scarves, waiting to be flipped right side out and hand stitched closed

Every summer, I give myself a pep talk and make lists of how to use the down time that always occurs in July and August to work on the things I never have time to the rest of the year. Things like updating my online presence and social media, cleaning out the studio, moving(!) and by getting ready for production mode. This last week has been filled with the single task of sewing all of the vintage scarves for the F/W 2013 and Holiday ’13 Collections so they are all ready for bejewelment. I think I made that word up, but it works, right? I really dislike sewing so this perhaps is not a good task when there is not much going on…its taking for-ev-er. I also attempted to organize the garage and get the “studio overflow” section of it ready for November, but as there is no AC in there, I gave up on that idea pretty quickly. I can do that in October when it finally gets below 90 outside.

Vintage scarves for bracelets at Manic Trout
Finished scarves waiting to be turned into beautiful bracelets

The good news about summer is that I have time to get all of these things done, or at least think about how I should be doing them. The bad news is that I always freak out at the end of August as its the slowest month of the year. I have to constantly remind myself that things are always slow at this time and not to freak out. But I freak out anyway or maybe more as I’m talking to myself about freak outs all the time. I did have a flash of brilliance this week though and realized  that as my routine always gets all out of whack when I move, now is the time to get back into my daily workouts to be ready for the stress of the busy time. This means that I might actually calm down now as well. Not really sure if I actually stress myself out more when it’s slow or busy, but at least busy stress means I’m too busy to dwell on it, ha!

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