Obsession: Neutral Shoes

Obsession: Neutral Shoes

Neutral Shoes

This year I have been evolving my style. If you follow me on social media, you may have noticed that I began wearing pants again (!!)  and that heels have become a normal part of my wardrobe, especially the three pairs above. Perhaps it was boredom, or that I’m approaching my 40’s, or that I’m fitter than I have been on a long time or that I finally acclimated to Texas temperatures and have either stopped sweating so much, or am used to it. Whatever the reason, I have been open to trying all sorts of new looks and LOVING every minute of it.

By far, my biggest obsession has been neutral colored heels. For the past few years, I have been wearing mostly ballet flats in bright hues. I kept peeking at nude/neutral shoes but the color was always too pink or putty like. Then I found the pair of nude (ish) pumps on the left and I was instantly smitten. So when I next came across the platform in a light brown, I figured that as the pumps have done me so well and were such a similar color that these would too. I have been constantly wearing them, I’m so in love! The third pair were purchased for a wedding in the Hamptons at a home, where I know I would be standing in grass and would therefore be the happiest in a wedge. I would be wearing a bright and busy patterned dress, so I wanted close to flesh as well. Recalling how evening dew in NY can destroy shoes, I didn’t want to spend too much in case the shoes didn’t fare well. It took months to find the right shoes, but the second I saw these, I knew they were perfect. Fortunately they survived the night, because these shoes fast became my go to shoe!

After a summer of such love for shoes that I normally would shy away from becoming my absolute favorite, I already have been excited (and maybe pre hoarding) for fall. I approached the situation the exact opposite of how I normally would…I tried on all of the styles I normally avoid. I can’t to see what I end up wearing!

Shoes (left to right): BCBG Generation; Hinge; Charles David

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