Not a good time to be impatient…

Not a good time to be impatient…

Gowns…there are no ducks in a row right now, they are all up the air.  I received the letter from my apartment complex this week that I have 60 days left on my lease.  The problem with a 6 month lease is that the minute you get settle in, it’s time to think about packing it all up again.  Fortunately, Adam and I have already been on a house hunting mission to find a home together.  This has already become quite the production!  Not something that is a quick process or something that will be finalized for some time.  Oh to be able to just click my heels together 3 times and be in my new home!

In between wondering where I will live when March rolls around, the last few weeks I have full steam ahead entered the world of event planning in the south…and well, its been trying.  Let’s just say that yesterday I decided to give up and get a wedding planner.  I’ll admit its pretty hard when you try to plan an event in a city where you are still kind of a stranger.  I have no idea half of the areas of the city that people tell me about, forget about knowing who’s the best caterer and what venues are the right size for our wedding.

In case you were wondering, I am managing time to still get some work done around here.  In fact, Manic Trout has been getting busier every day…so much is going to be happening this year!  The only part that worries me is that it will coincide with moving and the wedding.  Oy.  I have a headache already just thinking about it all.  I don’t really want to talk about it yet though out of plain all superstition.  To tease you a bit…there is some local press in the works, new stores to carry Manic Trout and a very special line inspired by certain upcoming events coming this Spring!

The only reason I’m not headed for a nervous breakdown is that everything which is keeping me busy is all very happy and positive.  Not to say it does not have its huge stress induced meltdowns and of course clashes as two very independent people start to mesh their very busy lives together.  However we are trying incredibly hard to alternate arguments about wedding size with date nights.  I swear we had such a fantastic date night last night that we fell head over heels in love all over again.

I’m hoping for lots of little bits of wonderful to get me through the next 9 months…its going to be one hell of a year, that’s for certain!



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  1. I love reading your blog….xo

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