No longer a man’s world…

No longer a man’s world…

Hey everyone Adam here, so a couple of weeks ago Sierra and I did an event called Style Xat SXSW in Austin.  As you all might know, Sierra is a designer and owns a jewelry company called Manic Trout.  Style X is a big trade show and she got to set up an amazing booth.  Sierra asked me to help sell the jewelry.  I am a salesman through and through.  I have had many sales jobs and I always made quotas and exceeded expectations in any sales market.  Let me tell you, women’s jewelry is not the market for me.  I am an aggressive salesman, in your face right to the point.  Throw my big pretty smile at you, sale myself type of guy.  Sierra makes women’s jewelry, so obviously her market consists of almost all women.  I like to get in your face and honestly I’ve got some real “close talker issues” going on when I am selling something.  I’m loud and I like to take charge of the situation.  This, my friends is the very incorrect way to sell to women seeking jewelry.  You have to be calm, use a soft voice and for sure not get right in the customers face.  There is certain finesse to selling women’s jewelry and I don’t have it.  I am pretty sure I scared more people away from the booth then any thing.  So I guess what I am saying, at least this man will stick to what he knows in sales and what I know for sure now, is that I am not meant to sell jewelry!

Hi all, Sierra here.  Adam was kind enough to help out at the Manic Trout booth when I did Style X a few weeks ago.  It was the first show that he hung around for more than a few minutes and I think it was big eye opener for him.  Women and their shopping habits is a science.  There is an entire genre of books devoted to this topic.  I know this, as I’ve read many of them, but Adam kept ignoring me when I explained this.  To be fair, I am a designer who hand makes jewelry.  So the first thing people ask when they come into the booth is if I am a designer.  The second is if I make everything myself.  As the answer is yes to both, they want to hear the story, or about what inspires me, or if I do this full time…but its really all about me.  Well, that in its self is I think difficult for Adam, ha!  I won’t bore you by getting too deep into the subject, but these days many women enjoy a connection to the maker of what they buy.  Its more than merely liking the look of something, it’s about wanting to support someone or something they believe in.  Loud, in your face and pushy selling no longer have a major place in this economy, especially with women buyers.  You could see the look of almost fear on the faces of women as they walked in and Adam shouted “Hello”, and tried to engage them in banter.  They either looked at me to make it stop, or just backed out and continued on their way.

All in all, the show however was a great success, Adam kept me company and I think enjoyed seeing people interact with my work and seeing me in action.  The interaction with customers and making connections is the best part of shows if you have an online store, its fun to actually see real reactions to the jewelry!  I think he was more exited then I was every time I was interviewed or photographed and it was fun to share that excitement with him.  Will Adam join me again at a show?  Wellllll…maybe, but next time we’ll let him talk to the guys and leave the ladies to me.

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