News for Curly Girls

News for Curly Girls

Wet Brush

Attn fellow girls with curls!! When I was getting my hair cut last week by the amazing Becky (who gives ME the good hair, lolololol) she noticed that the ends of a chunk of my hair looked like they were attacked by a weed wacker or garbage disposal or something. After a few minutes of deductive speculation, we realized the problem. Now that I am behaving myself and have broken the daily washing of my hair habit (its so hard when you work out in Texas to not do this!) the ends of my hair are snarlier than usual and combing it out in the shower (even with conditioner in it) is ripping up the ends. When Becky heard I was still using a wide tooth comb for this task she said that I needed to get my hands on a Wet Brush pronto! I went on amazon and ordered one via prime right there on the spot and by my next hair wash, I had it.

Why is the Wet Brush amazing? Well it has ultra soft bristles that bend and give before your hair breaks. AKA: Magic powers. Kuddos to this company for capitalizing on the product range they are able to push because there are so many options!! Big, little, palm, countless colors, patterns and materials…a SELFIE version (what?!), it’s ridiculous. But hey, they’re super inexpensive, so feel free to collect them all. Becky had me order a paddle shape as she feels it works the best. I went with silver because I was over whelmed with the selection and was on Amazon which shows them in a different order. After just checking out there site, I’m kind of sad by this, but it’s really just a hairbrush which lives in my shower…so NBD. I’m secretly wishing that the paddle shape comes out in the neon colors above though becauseI’ll totally buy a send one if they do.

I have only been using the brush for a couple of weeks but the ends of my hair look better already. It did take some getting used to as its at first difficult to actually brush through the snarls in the manner I was used to (ripping through them with a comb). You have to start at the bottom and slowly work your way up but I’m pretty sure this is a good thing. Bottom line, I highly recommend one of these if you have curly hair. Hope this helps you fellow curly girls, happy brushing!

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