Never forget how awesome black grapes are!

Never forget how awesome black grapes are!

BlackGrapesThere was an extremely slow and yet methodical stock boy bogarting the red grapes at the HEB when I stupidly went there during the after work rush yesterday.  I tried to get around him and just grab a bag, but he stepped in my path and glared at me.  So I shopped for the rest of my produce to give the kid some time to finish up and came back a few minutes later.  I waited.  He was still re-stuffing, re-twisting, re-organizing…come on man, there is a line forming!  There seriously were a cluster of us watching him, waiting to jump in at the moment of his departure, when some blessed soul asked the kid for some help elsewhere.  The guy in front of me leaped forward and I swear fondled every. single. bag. of. grapes.  At this point I didn’t even want red grapes anymore and instead grabbed a bag of seedless black grapes just so I could move it along.  I snacked on a few as I was washing them last night and quickly remembered how AWESOME perfect black grapes were…WINNING!

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  1. I just discovered these this year and will never go back to any other color of grape. They’re always good!

    1. I ate them all and forgot. I almost cried when I went to grab a handful today and they were gone ;(

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