My motto is Be prepared…

In a past life I must have been a Boy Scout leader or something, as I get older and older I have a need to make sure I never run out of anything. This scares me on many levels, mainly because I think it proves I am getting crazier every year…but it makes it really difficult to keep the spending in check as a jewelry designer. Its bad enough in regular life…for example: I have a large pantry, on one side are jars, cans, boxes etc of food…on the other side is a back up of those items, so if I run out of something I take from side B and then jot it down on the grocery pad on the fridge.

In my “day job” as a bar manager I am constantly getting talked to by the accountant on why I feel the need to always have to have a back up of the back ups. Its not very good accounting to have so much stock on the shelves…so this made me think pretty hard about ordering supplies for fall jewelry.

It was so much easier when I made all limited edition and one of a kind pieces, I would just buy as many vintage pieces as there were and I that was all I could do. Now with wholesale I have to think, hmmm, am I really going to need to order ahead of time all this stuff? Then I panic they will run out, or that something I NEED will be backordered…there are a lot of little worries in there, trust me. Of coarse then I freak out that if one style hardly sells then I have to deal with all of the left over supplies, and that sucks. Hmmmm…this one may take awhile…

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  1. I totally understand your pain and I thought I was the only one like this.

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