My love affair with hot sauce

My love affair with hot sauce

Hot Sauce
The staples of my pantry

I love hot sauce. I put it on just about everything, except eggs…which I realize is odd as that is where most people prefer theirs, but whatever, I prefer pepper on mine. I’m a fan of the normal run of the mill sauces, not the crazy hot ones that make you cry. When I was in college, a friend of mine made a weekly pilgrimage to the local hot sauce shop…The Hot Shop (if you’ve been to Syracuse, I’m sure you know how amazing this place is, and if not…you can shop it online!) with it’s rows and rows of hot sauces. Each week he selected something new and made us all try it. Most of those sauces were insanely hot and I quickly realized that I preferred the more pedestrian flavors…the ones that add a touch of spice and were more of a flavor additive rather than a torch your mouth and prove how manly you were variety*.

Pictured above, are the staples of my pantry: Cholula, Valentina, Louisiana, Franks and both red and green Tabasco. I go through an embarrassing amount of them and always have a backup ready when one is low. There are very specific foods like I like with each one and I rarely substitue. For example, both Tabasco’s help make the best guacamole over, but I don’t like the flavor of any other hot sauce in it when I make it myself. Another fav and no substitutes recipe is to sauté zuchinni in Frank’s Red Hot with fresh basil, evoo and janes krazy mixed up salt (my other pantry essential) and it’s ahhhh-mazing!

At one point I was so obsessed with Cholula that I shared with a stranger that I dreamt of a way of carrying it around in my bag without the fear of it breaking or leaking. I later dated that guy and he had hunted down a gross of Cholula packets and presented them to me for Valentines Day. It was a very appreciated gift, but kind of creepy as he bought them long before we dated, just in case we ever did and it tipped me off that he was sort of psycho/stalkerish…which was REALLY proved when I broke up with him shortly thereafter. But ANYWAY. Even though I can no longer look at a Cholula packet without getting creeped out, I still douse everything I eat with it.

How about you? Are you obsessed with hot sauce? What’s you fav?

*with the exception of Torchys Diablo Sauce…that stuff makes my ears hurt when I eat it and yet it’s sooooo tasty!

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