My life is trapped in a pod

My life is trapped in a pod

Tomorrow it will be one week since I have arrived in Austin with my darling dog, Faye and a car full of stuff.  It also marks the day that my moving pod…containing all of my possessions and the contents of my studio, arrives in Texas.  I had the week to find an apartment where my pod could be delivered and where Faye and I could move into and call home.  However….I forgot about the thousands and thousands and of students who are doing that exact same thing at the exact same time.  Oops.  So my pod will go into storage until the next batch of apartments are up for rent after September 1st.

I’m actually doing pretty well with this whole homelessness situation.  I almost lost it when I was told that I would not be able to actually move into a place until the 9th as there will be cleaning and painting and with labor day weekend, it will take longer then usual.  Oops.  Thankfully Adam is awesome and immediately brought me to Ikea where I picked out a huge desk to be the temporary home of Manic Trout and now takes up half of his bedroom.  However, when packing up I could only fit the jewelry I had made already and the supplies for bling rings in my car as I had to fit clothes for a month as well as other necessities to live…and I have a pretty small car.  So I don’t have a studio yet.  VERY STRESSFUL as I was finishing up a line to be released in early September…and now that can’t happen.  Oops.  Now don’t think its all bad news…I did find an apartment which I love and is perfect, but I am still waiting to see if I got it…all of my fingers and toes are crossed…please please please please please.

The only really bad part in all of this is that I am a showcased jewelry designer in Austin Fashion Week…on Tuesday…and all of my display stuff as well as press binders and signage are trapped in the pod.  Oops.  So today I am off to Ikea again with my sister Holly and our friend Tati to try to figure out a new display on a MAJOR budget.  Wish me luck please.

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  1. Good Luck!-CJ

    1. Thank you CJ! I think I did it!

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