My ideal day…

As I never have days where I can do what I want, or days when I can avoid having to something I have to do I thought I would daydream a bit about my ideal day…

I would get up at my normal time of 11 and after taking Faye for a quick walk I would have brunch at the Millbrook diner, then I would do my morning computer tasks…email, sb’s, blog etc…followed by an entire afternoon in my studio, interruption free. I would also have a stack of canvases ready to go and would not be waiting for a jewelry supply order to arrive, enabling me to be ready to make anything. I would of course be receiving emails about wholesaling, orders, and from magazines that want to feature Manic Trout. I would break for about an hour to walk Faye and work out, followed by a long shower. The evening would be a low key dinner out, nothing I have to get dressed up for and then back to my studio for a few hours. I would end the day with a movie in my very cozy den/library during which I would be reading magazines. I would read in bed for at least an hour and go to sleep at my ideal bedtime of 3:30.

Is it sad that my dream day centers around working? Is it better if I mentioned that I would include Tyler in all activities not studio related? Oh well, we can’t change who we are…and I dream for one of those days.

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