Moving kicked my ass…but I’m winning in the end
The rest of the "essence" items in the staging area (the dining room).

Moving kicked my ass…but I’m winning in the end

The rest of the “essence” items in the staging area (the dining room)

Wow, it feels like I have been in a timeless void for the past week…sheesh!  Moving officially mopped the floor with me, I’ll admin it.  I spent almost all of my time over the past two weeks packing and unpacking, but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!  A month ago, I wisely planned hosting a little soiree at my new home for the Austin Craft Riot this Thursday night and I was right that it has been awesome motivation to get everything pulled together.  Most of the rooms are unpacked, except for the books and dvds, and the “essence” pieces as I love to call them, which I have just started to sprinkle liberally around the house.  You know what I’m talking about…brass critters, lamps, art, photos…the things that make a house a home.  They are currently dominating my dining room table and have to be moved by Thursday as many women will have to be seated at the table (see, motivation!).

The studio mid progress…one side of the room had started to have furniture in place

Its been a great deal of hard work but I took a break Friday evening when my sweet husband who chooses not to get involved in the moving process besides hiring movers, realized that I could not move my head from side to side and booked me 4 hours at the spa.  I also was set up at the market all day Saturday, followed by date night Saturday night.  Without these breaks, I may have had a bit of a breakdown.  There however is nothing better then seeing a room empty of boxes to fuel you to keep going, well except for Adam shouting “I love our new house and you’re amazing!” every time he’s the progress I’m making, its lovely to have a cheering squad, even if it’s only one person!

The studio is just about done!

Besides the fun of setting up a new space, I’ve been having a great time mixing all of the new furniture into the mix, and as my taste is consistent, I have to say that it mixes pretty amazingly.  I hung the curtains from my past two living rooms in our bedroom and Adam thought I bought them to match the new bedding.  I love re appropriating furniture to new rooms as well and thats been so much of the fun!  The last of the new furniture should arrive tomorrow and I’m hoping to have the art up by Thurs night…I’ll snap more photo’s then.  The only items left on our list for now are new dining rooms chairs (I’m over whelmed with all of the choices), book shelves as I had to figure out where I want them and what size we need and a bench/coat rack thing for the entry (I dreamed about them last night).  After that we’ll move onto the back yard and deck, where so far all we have done is put up a hammock.  It’s coming along though!  If you want to see peeks as they happen, you can follow me on Instagram @manictrout as I post photos regularly there!


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