spring cleaning…

I put off tweaking the bones of the website until it starts to really irk me that I have not done it yet….and I’ve reached that point…so in the next few days you will notice little tweaks and changes to make your shopping experience a more pleasant one. You may have noticed a few little things have already occurred, like the buy buttons have started evolving, they are not done yet. I have added a gift guide as well as an eco friendly guide and the front page has the pieces found in recent publications on it, which is all to help sort through the oodles of goodies that are Manic Trout.

New additions will include navigational buttons so you can go from one item to the next easily within each category, a more visible shopping bag and more photos of the jewelry on people…although the last bit will take awhile as I have to collect the photos too. Except for the minute or two it takes to upload the revisions, you all will not really be affected by these changes, except to have new ways to scroll though the jewelry….but you’ll want to pay attention to what is coming next!

Now the best part about spring cleaning is that you start to want to clean out the clutter…and get rid of some stuff…oh yes, you guessed it…I hear a sale is coming! Some of the older items will be drastically reduced to make room for all of the new goodies that will appearing more often then they used to…now on a two week cycle. I will be announcing the sale first through the newsletter, which will come out soon, thats all I’ll tell you. Many of the sale items will be one of a kind, so sign on up on if you’re not already on the list to get first dibs!

OK, enough chatting, there is so much to do!

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  1. Spring is the season of outings & shopping to me. This time I have got a clear cube necklace from Love and Pride with 60% off.

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